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Unhappy Father's Day

This morning, I woke to the smell of waffles and coffee. Incredibly, my teenaged daughters were up to celebrate Father's Day. Later on, I'll be out in the sun, and not pushing a lawn mower or washing my car.

But whatever else happens, this will not be a happy Father's Day for me, for you, or for anyone with a moral compass who knows what is happening in their name on our southern border. I can't shake the image of that little girl in tears as her mother is frisked by a federal agent.

President Trump's daily gusher of lies, bigotry, and self-obsessed nonsense can disorient and numb us to the frightening changes happening in our country. So let's pause to be very clear:

Donald Trump has gone where neither Presidents Bush nor Obama would go and decided that it will be the official policy of the United States to tear toddlers from their parents. To put children alone into camps. This atrocity, which the Attorney General justifies with scripture, is supposedly a disincentive to migrate and a form of bizarre leverage against the Democrats, who control neither chamber of Congress nor the White House.

There's one piece of good news here. Even our craven President knows this is wrong. And so he ridiculously lies about this being a Democratic policy, a Democratic law, or somesuch nonsense. He's feeling the heat. As are my Republican colleagues, who have shown the world their moral character through their silence.

Enough talk. Many of you have asked about action. Here's what's happening. Senator Feinstein has legislation in the Senate to stop this cruelty. Next week, I and my colleagues will produce similar legislation.

To become law, both bills will need veto-proof majorities. Two thirds of both chambers. It is time for the kind of popular outcry that scuttled the Republican plan to kill the Affordable Care Act and throw 20 million Americans off their health insurance. I need you to call, email and show up in the offices of my GOP colleagues. Speak in moral language. Ask them to think about their children and the inclination of whatever God they worship.

Many of us will travel to the border in the coming weeks to highlight Trump's awful policy. Think about doing the same.

This Father's Day is one of those moments when our children and grandchildren are quietly watching how we respond to a horror being visited on their peers.


Posted on June 17, 2018.

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