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Why I'm hopeful, today of all days

The Trump Administration has locked up thousands of asylum seekers who have broken no laws. They've separated children from their parents. And they have been woeful at addressing this appalling situation.

I recently visited McAllen, Texas, to see firsthand what's happening at our southern border. I spoke with a dozen women who are being held in what looks like a maximum security prison. Most had absolutely no idea where their children are and no information about when they might be reunited.

So many of us are haunted by this nightmare scenario. Nothing would be more terrifying than not knowing where my children are or if I would see them again.

As Americans, it's our duty to fight for decency and liberty. Separating young children from their families is the opposite of that duty.

Although children have started to be reunited as ordered by the courts, the Trump administration has failed to reunite all of these families who have been separated. Who knows when that will happen.

I am committed to this fight. And I know you are too. That's why I am hopeful today.

Each day we fight is a day we recommit to rising to meet the challenges ahead, to embodying the struggle for life, liberty, and happiness. For ensuring everyone can achieve the American Dream — not just a select few.

Our nation's founders would have asked nothing less of us. And I hope all of our leaders will remember that in the days and weeks ahead.


Posted on July 14, 2018.

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