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Ohio needs our support now

"How can I help?"

It's a question I get every day from people who are sick and tired of our President's assaults on civility, responsible leadership, and the institutions that form the bedrock of American democracy.

Here's your answer: a toss-up special election in the Columbus, Ohio, suburbs. It happens Tuesday, and a victory would bring us one step closer to putting a check on the Trump administration.

Ready to take back the House? Start by making a donation to Danny O'Connor in Ohio's 12th District.

Our Democratic candidate, Franklin County Recorder Danny O'Connor, will fight to ensure that everyone has their fair shot at a good life. And you know what else? Danny is one heck of a nice guy.

I know Danny. I've talked with him about the need for a return to decency and cooperation in Congress. He'll be a voice for a government that's led by servant leaders who are in this fight for all the right reasons. That matters, now more than ever.

Conor Lamb's victory in Pennsylvania sent a message. Doug Jones' victory in Alabama sent a message. We have a chance in Ohio to send another, less than a day's drive away. You can help make it happen by making phone calls or knocking on doors.

Polls show this race in the margin of error – chip in now to help push Danny's victory over the finish line.**


Posted on August 2, 2018.

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