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Sign the petition to fund gun-violence research

We have a gun-violence epidemic in this country. Lives are at risk. Every day.

Researching the causes of gun violence is vitally important to saving lives. Unfortunately, the NRA has prevented Congress from funding the research we need to make our communities safe.

Sign the petition. Tell Congress to fund research on gun violence.

In 1993, a landmark government study concluded that having a gun in the home increases the risk of homicide and suicide. The NRA panicked that gun sales would decrease so they began aggressive lobbying efforts to shut down further research.

And because the GOP is afraid to stand up to the NRA, we now we have a public health epidemic and no resources for studying ways to prevent gun deaths.

Tell Congress it's time to fight back against gun violence with everything we've got --including research.

Sign the petition to fund gun-violence research.


Posted on August 2, 2018.

Meet Jim

Congressman Jim Himes is a tireless voice for common-sense, independent solutions to the challenges facing Connecticut. He's looking out for the middle class, fighting for affordable health care for all, taking on special interests like the NRA to end gun violence, and working to create economic opportunity for working families.

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