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President Obama is 100 percent right.

As President Obama hits the campaign trail this month to help Democrats take back Congress, I want to focus on a few things he said in particular at a recent stop:

"The only way we reverse that cycle of anger and division is when each of us as citizens step up and say we are going to take it upon ourselves to do things differently... We're going to fight for the things that we believe in."


"During these times of uncertainty it is always tempting for politicians for their own gain and people in power to see if they can divide people, scapegoat folks, turn them on each other... The biggest threat to our democracy, as I said yesterday, is not one individual. It is not one super PAC billionaire. It's apathy."

President Obama is 100 percent right.

Times are very hard for so many people across America. They blame politicians and demagogues like Trump, and turn away from participation because, sometimes, the odds feel insurmountable.

That's why President Obama and I are appealing to you to get out there, to do what you can. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Make sure they're registered to vote and are aware of the stakes this November.

It's on all of us to do our part to make our country better for everyone who feels pressed down by our broken system. To campaign hard. To vote. To win back America race to race, state to state.

When our blue wave washes over America, it's going to be our turn to come together to overcome the hurt and suffering caused by bigots with a temporary bullhorn. Resume normal, respectful discourse. And address the needs of the American people: adequate and affordable health care, infrastructure investment, jobs that pay a living wage, and justice, not just for the well-connected few, but for everyone.

President Obama said he had planned on following the tradition of ex-presidents "gracefully exiting the political stage." But this moment in history is a time for every single one of us to stand up and be counted in support of our democracy. I'm proud to stand with President Obama. And you.


Posted on September 14, 2018.

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