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Guns. In schools. From your tax dollars.

Donald Trump's Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos wants to allow school districts to buy guns with taxpayer dollars.

You read that right.

Guns. In schools. From your tax dollars.

Hell. No.

Sign the petition: Stop Betsy DeVos from arming teachers and further endangering our children.

The gun lobby's push to arm teachers puts profits ahead of the safety of students and teachers and distracts from real gun safety reform. We can't allow their heartless, hazardous agenda to threaten our children's safety.

Guns have no place in schools.

Congress must pass comprehensive gun safety laws and block any moves to use federal funds to arm teachers.

Please sign the petition.


Posted on September 19, 2018.

Meet Jim

Congressman Jim Himes is a tireless voice for common-sense, independent solutions to the challenges facing Connecticut. He's looking out for the middle class, fighting for affordable health care for all, taking on special interests like the NRA to end gun violence, and working to create economic opportunity for working families.

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