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My promise to you:

Our country is counting on us to work as hard as we can this year. We must take back the House and our country in this November's election.

The headlines keep getting worse and worse. Donald Trump's cruel immigration policies. The NRA blocking meaningful gun violence reforms. Attempts to gut Social Security and Medicare. And now, a Supreme Court nominee who is credibly accused of sexual assault by multiple women.

So much is riding on this for Connecticut families, and for families across America.

Donate right now before our end-of-quarter fundraising deadline. Let's take back Congress and get our country back on track.

Here's my promise to you. I'll always put the economic prosperity of working families first. I'll always strive to find bipartisan solutions so that Connecticut families can feel truly safe – whether it's from threats abroad or gun violence here at home.

Creative solutions to our most pressing challenges are essential. Moving forward on affordable health care for everyone. Protecting a woman's right to make her own health care decisions. Curtailing the gun violence that's plaguing our country. Protecting the environment from exploitation for future generations.

Your ideas, your hard work, your perseverance will make this movement, will pull our country together in these tough times. I truly believe there's tremendous power in what we can accomplish if we work together and take back our country.

Donate today.


Posted on September 24, 2018.

Meet Jim

Congressman Jim Himes is a tireless voice for common-sense, independent solutions to the challenges facing Connecticut. He's looking out for the middle class, fighting for affordable health care for all, taking on special interests like the NRA to end gun violence, and working to create economic opportunity for working families.

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