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Tell me why this is a crisis, Mr. Trump

This week, Donald Trump did something he's never done before: deliver a nationally-televised address from the White House. While the venue was different, the content and tone are sadly the exact same: divisive, fearmongering, xenophobic lies.

The topic: security, our southern border, and his wall.

Let's get one thing out of the way: Democrats have and will fund border security. We won't fund the campaign dream of a President who knows nothing about security and who has consistently lied about the threat.

Too many Republican insiders have signed their Trump Cult membership cards to call him on his lies, but not everyone:

Facts are facts, Mr. Trump. The crime rate committed by immigrants is practically non-existent compared to non-immigrants. Tell me why this is a crisis?

In fact, let's go a step further: If he cares about American blood being shed in "crisis," why are we not having an address about the tens of thousands of Americans who die of opioids or gun violence?

Last night's address was just further proof that Donald Trump is unhinged and unfocused on things that are actually devastating America.


Posted on January 9, 2019.

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