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What comes next now that government is open again:

The big update from Friday: the government will reopen. Donald Trump acknowledged reality and released the 800,000 federal employees he took hostage without getting a single cent toward his xenophobic border wall.

We're not out of the woods: Trump may yet declare a national emergency to get his border wall built.

To remind everyone where I stand on this, I believe that would be a huge mistake and would set a dangerous precedent.

A state of emergency should only be enacted when there are no other options available in the time of a real crisis. And there is no national emergency when it comes to border security. We have many options available that Congress and the Senate have presented.

Indeed, there are many other questions we should be asking, including why the President ordered children locked up in military-style detention camps on our southern border. How we can actually secure the border by upgrading technology at ports of entry and along the border. And how we can improve the lives of the American people by raising their wages, lowering the cost of their health care, and rebuilding their infrastructure.

I will continue to work with my fellow representatives in Congress to hold this president accountable to his actions, and I will fight every day to help my constituents and my country. We're back to work (for now). But that doesn't mean we can stop opposing foolish plans the President puts forward, nor can we give up hope to truly change our country for the better.


Posted on January 27, 2019.

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