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The wall is not a national emergency

If you didn't see the news today, Senator McConnell said Donald Trump will declare a national emergency to get his wall.

The president continues to act in his own interests with the price of releasing the government as a hostage being an unnecessary emergency declaration. This is a dangerous overreach, a huge mistake and an important precedent.

I can't emphasize this enough. With this continual reckless behavior, we must focus on making sure we vote Donald Trump and his complicit allies in Congress and in the Senate out of office in 2020. What we are seeing today is another distraction and a waste of time, instead of focusing on real national emergencies in our country.

I hope the President doesn't go through with this national emergency declaration, but if he does, we will fight it and remember it in 2020.


Here's my previous email below on what a declaration of national emergency means:

FWD: "A huge mistake a dangerous precedent"

FROM: January 16, 2019

Donald Trump has been threatening to declare a national emergency to get his border wall built during his harmful government shutdown.

You probably know that I am always an optimist, but we all must be prepared for Trump to declare a "national emergency" to attempt to force this through without Congressional approval.

Declaring a state of emergency gives the President many additional authorities, including:

Directing the military to take on construction projects; Shutting down electronic communications inside the U.S.; Taking control over the internet and internet searches; Freezing Americans' bank accounts and blocking financial transactions; Deploying troops inside our country to subdue "domestic unrest."

A state of emergency should only be enacted when there are no other options available in the time of a real crisis. And there is no national emergency when it comes to border security. We have many options available that Congress and the Senate have presented.

I encourage you to read this article in The Atlantic that details what a national emergency truly means, examples of previous national emergency declarations under former presidents and what we might be looking at today.

As Donald Trump continues to act in his own interest, instead of the country's best interest, I will continue to work with my fellow representatives in Congress to hold this president accountable to his actions and will keep you updated on any progress or steps we are taking.

Posted on February 14, 2019.

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