A message of hope

This week, President Joe Biden addressed the nation during his first Joint Address to Congress with a forward-looking message full of hope. He also reviewed our challenges and accomplishments from his first 100 days.

In just 100 days, we’ve already seen desperately needed change. We have:

  • administered 230 million vaccine doses of the COVID vaccines
  • ensured families and businesses have additional assistance for recovery through the American Rescue Plan
  • recommitted the U.S. to the Paris Climate Agreement
  • taken executive actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and curb gun violence
  • rejoined the World Health Organization
  • and paused construction of the border wall.

History was also made as two women sat behind the President on the rostrum for the first time. Echoing the President’s words, “It’s about time.”

This is just the beginning.

The President also laid out a path forward to rebuild America’s infrastructure, invest in broadband, create jobs, invest in and support working families by cutting taxes, making child care and education more affordable and guaranteeing paid family and medical leave, lower prescription drug prices, protect and expand voting rights, stop the climate crisis and re-engage with alliances around the world.

As we get back on our feet, this ambitious plan will support every American and propel the U.S. toward continued economic growth and international competitiveness. America is on the move again.

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