BREAKING: House passes For the People Act

You spoke loud and clear in last year’s election demanding change and voted in a new, blue Democratic Congress. We heard you.

Our very first bill introduced in this new Congress was H.R. 1 the “For the People Act,” which every single Democratic Member of Congress cosponsored. I’m extremely proud to say we passed this bill today to improve our democratic institutions and make them truly work For the People. Here’s a break down on what this bill does:

  • Restores the Voting Rights Act
  • Establishes automatic voter registration
  • Reforms campaign finance
  • Reduces the role of Big Money in favor of grassroots contributions
  • Makes Election Day a federal holiday
  • Strengthens our government’s ethics laws
  • Ends partisan gerrymandering
  • Beefs up election security

HR 1 has great symbolic importance: the Majority uses it to show its biggest priority each Congress. Last Congress, Republicans used it to cut taxes for corporations and multimillionaires who neither needed it nor asked for it, saddling the next generation with trillions of dollars of debt. Our focus is on improving our democracy, protecting our elections, overturning the pernicious influence of Big Money in our elections, strengthening our voting rights and ensuring equal access to the ballot box.

We’re working for you.

President Trump said he’d veto this bill; Mitch McConnell said he won’t give this bill a vote in the Senate. But you and I know what great power we the people have in coming together to make our union a little more perfect, which is what this bill would do. I’m asking you to call your Senators to ask for their support. Making sure every American has a chance to vote and has equal access to vote is not a partisan issue.

Together, against the odds, we can make a difference for the American people. Together, we have the opportunity to strengthen our democracy. Thank you for all that you do.


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