Cutting child poverty in half

Starting today, Child Tax Credit monthly payments will begin hitting bank accounts for millions of families across America and over 100,000 families in my district in Southwest Connecticut, thanks to the expansion in the American Rescue Plan. This tax credit for families will deliver much-needed support to pay for childcare, food on the table, bills and more.

This is big. This tax credit will significantly impact families and lift over 8,000 kids in my district out of poverty.

And this effort, led by my friend and fellow Connecticut Rep. Rosa DeLauro, will allow families to breathe a little easier as we continue to recover from the pandemic. Sadly it passed without a single Republican vote.

If your family makes $150,000 or less per year, you filed tax returns for 2019 or 2020, or signed up for stimulus check payments, you will begin receiving the monthly child tax credit payments to your bank account or via a mailed check. If you have not filed your tax returns, go to to ensure you receive your monthly payments or visit for more information.

The child tax credit is just the latest way the American Rescue Plan, passed by House Democrats, is helping people, families, businesses and individuals in Southwestern Connecticut recover and rebuild. Democrats are working for the people, and will continue to deliver for every American.

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