Dead on Arrival

The chaos and outrage created daily by the Trump Administration is as exhausting as it is deliberate. They can obscure truly sinister policies – policies like the new Trump budget announced yesterday. Here are the toplines:

  • Cuts Medicaid by $1.5 trillion
  • Cuts Medicare by hundreds of billions of dollars
  • Cuts Social Security by $25 billion
  • Cuts SNAP (food stamps) by $17.4 billion
  • Cuts education department funding by $7.1 billion
  • Cuts 30% of the budget for the Environmental Protection Agency
  • Defunds NPR and PBS
  • GIves $8.6 billion for his border wall

More dangerous broken promises. More callous disregard for our neighbors most in need. And continued lack of investment in the vital resources necessary to combat climate change and ensure the next generation is better off than ours.

We will not and cannot pay for the GOP’s massive tax giveaway to the wealthiest in our country by stripping healthcare from millions. We will not and cannot abdicate our responsibility to care for our planet to pay for a wasteful border wall.

Actions speak louder than words. We must pass a fair budget that mirrors our values and invests in our future, not one that breaks promises and cuts programs that help everyday American citizens from the youngest to the oldest.

You’ll occasionally hear the words “dead on arrival” when people talk about the President’s budget. That’s certainly how I feel, and with your support and activism, a Democratic House will fight this proposed budget and these harmful cuts to ensure they’re dead on arrival.


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