Democracy Doesn’t Come Easy

All over the world, democracy is in question. We’ve seen it in Ukraine, when Vladimir Putin decided we’re going backwards to a world where you can just take a country because you feel you have the strength to do so, we see it in China where the President believes that democracy is a failed experiment, we see it in Hungary, and we see it here.

The threat to our democracy isn’t over.

Now more than ever we need leaders in Washington who understand the issues we face and know how to get the job done. 

I’m proud of the progress we’ve made, and optimistic about the work we have yet to do. I wanted to share with you that this weekend, I announced my campaign for re-election

Make no mistake, the fight is not done. Each one of us has work to do to uphold our democracy and the values we know to be true. It is our responsibility to be vigilant and to get out and vote.

We can’t take anything for granted and that’s why we’re going to run like we’re 10 points behind, but I need you with me.

Let’s do this, together.

— Jim

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