Good news: America is back

June’s jobs report and work period in the House sent a strong message: America is on the move again with a historic economic recovery.

Thanks to President Biden and Congressional Democrats, we are advancing bills addressing key priorities, putting more vaccines in arms, getting businesses reopened and putting people back to work. We are committed to Building Back Better.

That work includes passing the INVEST in America Act that will grow our economy by creating good-paying jobs, modernizing our nation’s roads, bridges, rail and transit systems, ensuring access to safe drinking water, and improving high-speed and affordable Internet access.

And the strong June jobs report surpassed expectations by adding over 850,000 new jobs, and the CBO doubled its economic growth predictions for the year. The biggest hiring increase in 10 months. Unemployment is trending downwards.

All of this is good for our economy and good for families, workers, businesses and individuals.

Our economic recovery plan is working. The American Rescue Plan is working. We must continue this progress to Build Back Better with opportunities for all. 

– Jim

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