History Long Overdue

For the first time in its 233-year history, a Black woman has been confirmed to sit on the Supreme Court. Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s qualifications, record on the bench, and her historic achievement today speak for themselves.

It took us over two centuries to take this significant step, and we will continue to work to break the barriers that prevent Black leaders from reaching the upper echelons of government and many parts of society.

During her testimony, Judge Jackson said: 

“On the day of his Supreme Court nomination, Justice Breyer said: ‘What is Law supposed to do, seen as a whole? It is supposed to allow all people — all people — to live together in a society, where they have so many different views, so many different needs, to live together in a way that is more harmonious, that is better, so that they can work productively together.’ I could not have said it better myself. Members of this Committee: If I am confirmed, I commit to you that I will work productively to support and defend the Constitution and the grand experiment of American democracy that has endured over these past 246 years.”

Judge Jackson’s example is one we should strive to follow.

Today we celebrate this very special moment in history with Judge Jackson, but our work isn’t over. We have to keep moving forward.

—    Jim

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