Justice and Accountability in Policing

Over the past couple of weeks, thousands of people have taken to the streets across our country and demanded justice for Black Americans. I’ve joined several protests and rallies around my own district and I want to let you know: you have been heard, loud and clear.

Led by the Congressional Black Caucus, last night the House passed the Justice in Policing Act to answer your calls for change to stop police brutality and excessive force and hold officers accountable for repeated misconduct.

I’m a proud co-sponsor of the Justice in Policing Act, which includes a set of reforms to lead real, structural changes.

This bill would:
– Hold officers accountable in the cases of police misconduct through criminal and civil charges
– Ban no-knock warrants in drug-related cases, like the one leading to Breonna Taylor’s death;
– Ban the use of choke-holds, like the one that led to the murder of George Floyd;
– Create a national registry tracking police misconduct and abuses;
– Finally make lynching a federal crime

From my discussions with NAACP leaders, clergy and local organizers in my district, I know this bill is just the first step toward addressing police brutality and the first of many reforms needed to also address systemic inequalities in housing, education and healthcare.

These reforms are needed in our government, in our communities and in our hearts. Continue to have conversations with your friends, family members and neighbors about the issues of racism, inequalities and police brutality. Only through acknowledgment and action can we move forward and do better.

And we need to make sure the Senate takes up this bill. Contact your Senator to ask them to support the Justice in Policing Act to ensure Mitch McConnell brings it to the floor for a vote.

I also want to hear from you. Tell me your ideas about what you think Congress should be doing. Hold me accountable as well.

Looking forward to this continued discussion,

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