Let’s power the polls

Today is National Poll Worker Recruitment Day and this year, poll workers are more important than ever because fewer poll workers mean polling place closures, which means less voter turnout and longer voting lines. And this year, we need the most voter turnout in history.

Unfortunately, we are seeing a shortage of poll workers across the country because many poll workers are over 60 years old, and they are more vulnerable to COVID-19 than other age groups. With that in mind, we need to recruit new people as paid poll workers in every state. 

Poll workers ensure that our elections run smoothly by setting up the polling places early, registering people to vote the day of the election, helping check voters, and ensuring the polling place remains safe and orderly.

You can help by sharing these graphics from my Facebook page or my website here and encouraging people you know from high school and college students to mature adults to sign up as a poll worker.

Sign up to be a poll power at PowerThePolls.org, by visiting your state’s Secretary of State website or connecting with your local Town Clerk’s office. There are many ways to help out with this year’s elections.

We need to ensure every voter has a safe and fair opportunity to cast their vote this November. Let’s make sure we power the polls.


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