Moving beyond impeachment.

Last week was enormously disappointing to the majority of Americans who want Donald Trump to be held accountable for his actions in Ukraine and his unprecedented contempt of the Congress. The Senate vote to acquit Trump was an insult to the democratic values we thought we “shared”.

Then, in place of a unifying State of the Union address, the President ring-led an Oprah-style campaign rally full of conspiracy theories, alternative realities and outright lies.

But that wasn’t all.

Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, like Sen. Romney, Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch and many others, paid the price for honesty, courage and patriotism in what’s being called the “Friday Night Massacre.”

None of this is normal. None of this advances our nation or the people in it.

We might be disheartened. That’s understandable. But, we must refocus. We must reactivate. For 240 years, all that we have won together as a country was won in the face of adversity, anxiety, and the temptation to just give up.

Everything hinges on what we do next. Each of us must consider what’s at stake and answer a question answered by patriots, anti-slavery crusaders, suffragists, civil rights activists, and countless generations of American servant-leaders: what do I do now?

Donate to your local, state and federal candidates up for re-election this year. Commit your time to volunteering, canvassing, textbanking and phonebanking. Talk to your friends, family members and neighbors about what’s at stake. Take a few deep breaths.

Do something. Do it again. Do it often. And keep doing it until we take back our country this November.

Thank you for your continued work,


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