Campaign Finance Reform

What Jim Believes

Jim believes we need major campaign finance reforms to get big money out of politics, and disagrees with the 2013 Citizens United verdict, which considered money as free speech. He has co-sponsored efforts to get dark money out of politics, including the DISCLOSE Act, which makes it faster to disclose campaign spending and moves to fight dark money. Furthermore, Jim is endorsed by the End Citizens United organization. He has also gone as far as introducing two constitutional amendments to overturn the ruling as well as bring back limits on money that’s somehow never revealed to the public. 


Other legislation introduced by Himes, includes the Close the Floodgates Act, which would make it so the limits on annual contributions towards political parties return, and the Government by the People Act, which makes it so there’s a voluntary financing system in place designed to weaken the influence of outside organizations, and strengthen the influence of regular citizens. It also uses a public financing system, similar to Connecticut’s citizens election program, which will double the contribution towards any small campaign from individuals. All of this and more symbolizes Jim’s continued commitment to campaign finance reform and getting dark money out of politics. 

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