On the Issues

Economy & Jobs

Business Innovation

Few districts are home to such a diverse group of businesses as CT-04, from Fortune 100 companies to small, family-owned businesses. Jim knows that fostering innovation is the only way forward to support entrepreneurs, give small businesses resources for growth, and keep our local economy strong.

Invest in America

Building a strong economy starts with investing in education, infrastructure, and research. Jim supported the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, which has created hundreds of thousands of new clean energy jobs (and counting!) and boosts American manufacturing.

Jim was also proud to support the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law which has already brought over $2.9 billion in funds to Connecticut to support manufacturing jobs, improve public transportation so Americans can get to work, school, the doctor, or the grocery store, ensure clean water, access to high-speed internet – a necessity for Americans to do their jobs, stay connected, and access healthcare – and more. And so far over $1.9 billion has been announced in major infrastructure projects right here.

Relief for Working Families

Since Jim got to Congress, he’s fought to help working families get ahead. He believes that the key to rebuilding our economy is to center working families — the backbone of our district and our country.

From raising the minimum wage to $15 nationwide to providing ladders of opportunity for every American, Jim works hard every day to rebuild a robust middle class and support working families.

Wall Street Reform

After the Great Recession, Jim played a major role in writing the Dodd-Frank Act — a law that promotes common-sense financial regulations and protects Americans from the whims of Wall Street.

He knows how important it is to make sure the mistakes of the financial crisis are never repeated. And now, he’s turning his efforts towards reforming the mortgage finance industry — a move that would lower the cost of living in Fairfield County and increase the supply of affordable housing in our community.

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