On the Issues


21st Century Education

America’s schools were once the envy of the world, and they will be again.

The long-term success of the American economy lies in the strength of our education system. Jim is working to ensure that our students are learning the skills they need to compete, innovate, and succeed.

Closing the Opportunity & Achievement Gap

A strong public education can make all the difference for future generations, but not all children have equal access to high quality public education, leaving a stubborn and growing disparity in educational outcomes for children of different backgrounds and family incomes.

Connecticut has one of the worst achievement gaps in all 50 states. But Jim is fighting to close that gap, pushing for legislation that gives states and local districts more flexibility without losing accountability and allocates resources equally to provide a quality education to all children.

Early Childhood Education

Research shows that investing in early childhood education makes a big impact on long-term success. Yet fewer than a third of American four-year-olds attend pre-K. 

Nationally, Jim has fought for the Total Learning Act, the Supporting Early Learning Act, and the Head Start and Early Head Start programs. And he continues to work with his colleagues in the House and the Senate to make sure that early childhood education programs are continuously improving and reaching as many children as possible.

College Affordability

College or post-graduate training is no longer a luxury, yet far too many students end up with insurmountable debt in their efforts to earn a higher degree.

That’s why Jim introduced the College Affordability and Innovation Act in 2015 — a bill that would create a pilot program to promote innovation in higher education and decrease the costs of completing higher education degrees. And it’s why he joined his colleagues in passing the bipartisan Student Loan Certainty Act, stopping student loan rates from doubling.

But he knows that we have more work to do, and he’s committed to ensuring that all students can get an affordable college education.

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