On the Issues

Energy & Environment

Green, Sustainable Energy and a Greener Economy

Jim knows how important it is to prioritize building a clean energy economy and good-paying jobs, and he works every day to invest in America’s resiliency, and future.

Connecticut’s Green Bank led the way and has made over $2 billion in investments in Connecticut’s green energy economy – it has become a model for other green banks across the country.

Jim introduced the National Green Bank Act, and now, with the implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act we’re investing $27 billion in the future of green banks and other organizations to partner with private investors and finance clean energy and zero-emission projects.

America’s dependence on foreign oil and coal has decreased every year since Jim took office, while sustainable energy generation continues to grow. But we need to speed up this process to achieve true sustainability for future generations.

Jim knows that our greatest renewable resource is innovation, and he’s fought for forward-thinking energy policies that reduce costs for families and businesses and drive economic growth.

Combating Climate Change & Promoting Storm Resiliency

Scientists and experts agree that climate change will continue to cause rising sea levels, prolonged droughts, and dangerous storms. And while we’ve made some progress, Jim has spent most of his time in Congress simply trying to fight the repeal and rollback of environmental protections.

But, he hasn’t given up the fight for a sustainable future, for resiliency against sea level rise and worsening natural disasters, and for a clean energy economy.

In 2022, America made its largest-ever investment to combat climate change, reduce harmful toxic emissions, strengthen our supply chain, and boost American manufacturing, thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act.

After the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law was passed, America began making meaningful investments in the resiliency of our infrastructure to help protect our communities in CT-04 and Connecticut against the impacts of climate and weather-related events and changes such as extreme heat, drought, floods, and wildfires.

Environmental Preservation

We have a sacred duty to preserve our natural environment and pass it to our children in better shape than we found it.

CT-04 offers nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts no shortage of places to explore, and Jim understands that it’s those places facing the greatest risk from the threat of climate change.

Jim believes that protecting the environment is a nonpartisan issue — and since coming to Congress, he’s been an outspoken advocate for laws that keep our air, water, and land clean.

From co-sponsoring bills like the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act of 2019 to voting for the Public Land Management Act, which helped protect more than two million new acres of wilderness nationwide, Jim has proven himself a leader in the fight for our environment, both here in Connecticut and across the country.

Supporting Local Environmental Initiatives

Some of the most exciting new “greentrepreneurs” are hard at work right here in Connecticut. Companies like Eemax — which makes state of the art, low-carbon water heaters — and Bridgeport Biodiesel — which recycles cooking oil and turns it into heating fuel — have made Connecticut a leader in innovative sustainability initiatives. 

Jim is proud to pledge his support and his partnership to companies like them, who are taking the lead in our fight for a clean energy economy and a sustainable future.

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