Green, Sustainable Energy

America’s dependence on foreign oil and coal has decreased every year since Jim took office. Sustainable energy generation from wind and solar continues to grow. We have the opportunity to replace coal with much cleaner burning natural gas. But while satisfying our energy needs with more domestically-produced fossil fuels is an improvement, it doesn’t relieve of us the need to think outside the box about true sustainability.

One thing is for certain – our greatest renewable resource is innovation. Forward-thinking energy policy that values conservation and renewability will reduce energy costs for families and businesses. And green, clean technology drives economic growth. Dollar for dollar, investments in a clean energy economy will create three times as many jobs as in the oil and gas industry – jobs like clean energy research, advanced manufacturing of photovoltaics and wind turbines, and the production of biodiesel refineries. In the long-term, we must ensure that American families and businesses have access to the most affordable and cleanest energy available globally, raising our standard of living and making our businesses more competitive.

Changing Our Behavior: Energy Efficiency

Of course, the cheapest, cleanest energy is the energy we never use. As our capacity to engineer better products and build more energy efficient buildings improves, we are satisfying our power needs while reducing costs and pollution.

Jim has consistently supported initiatives to promote greater energy efficiency and helped pass legislation to make energy-efficient retrofits more affordable for homeowners. He supported the creation of financial incentives for businesses and local governments to invest in greening their buildings and vehicle fleets. Jim supports rigorous national fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks to help reduce our spending at the gas pump. And he sponsored legislation to make it easier for people to work from home or use public transit.

Global Participation and Paris Agreement

In 2015, 195 countries came together for a climate agreement in Paris. Leaders signed a pledge to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, adapt to climate change and agreed to cooperate with one another through financial and other support.

President Trump has been misguided in withdrawing us from the agreement. This destructive decision does not address or acknowledge the rising sea levels, destructive weather patterns and food changes and challenges. Drought, climate refugees and competition over dwindling resources will destabilize our planet.

We must emerge as a leader and lead a global effort to combat climate change. Jim will continue supporting legislative efforts that advance clean energy, curb emissions, and help keep our air, earth and water clean. The United States must immediately rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement.

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