Immigration Reform

Fair, Safe and Legal

Passing comprehensive immigration reform would have a significant, lasting positive effect on the economy. Two in five Fortune 500 companies were started by immigrants or their children, and foreign-born Americans are twice as likely as native born Americans to start a small business.

Immigration reform would put more than 120,000 people to work every year and significantly cut the deficit, all while increasing the annual incomes of Connecticut families by $160 million.

Congress also needs to pass legislation to support deferred action for children in the DACA program and grant them citizenship.

We are a nation of immigrants. It is through the influx of new ideas and culture that we become a stronger, more resilient nation. It is Jim’s duty as your representative to ensure that we continue to tap into this potential while keeping our nation safe and secure. We must move toward a fair, safe and legal immigration policy while enforcing our laws humanely and treating people with dignity.

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