On the Issues


Investing in Local Transportation and Infrastructure

A safe and efficient transportation infrastructure is the cornerstone of our region’s economic development: By innovating and implementing a long-term regional vision, we can move people between work and home faster, get products to market more efficiently, provide ideal conditions for economic growth, and create jobs at the same time.

Jim was proud to have supported the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, one of the biggest investments in our infrastructure in history, which will bring a total of $5.38 to Connecticut through 2026, to tackle major corridor congestion and safety, repaid and rebuild aging bridges, enhance public transit, make our infrastructure more resilient to weather-related events, reduce emissions, and more.

Jim is a proud supporter and advocate for legislation and projects that invest in our local transportation and infrastructure, focus on initiatives that provide good jobs, promote mass transit, and make our community safer.

Metro-North Railroad and Walk Bridge

Perhaps nowhere in the Northeast has the lack of infrastructure investment been more apparent than along the Metro-North Railroad lines. Past years have been fraught with deadly derailments, accidents, and constant service delays. This railroad needs to regain the confidence of the people who depend on it to get safely and efficiently between work and home.

As bridges in our community continue to age, the Metro-North New Haven Live has faced increased delays. But Jim fought to deliver over $348 million in funding to replace the Walk Bridge and repair other aging railroad bridges in Norwalk — critical funding to support our infrastructure and keep public transit safe and efficient. 
Jim is committed to continuing his work to revitalize and rebuild our aging infrastructure. 

Envisioning the Cross Harbor Freight Tunnel

Next time you’re stuck in traffic on the highway, imagine how quickly traffic would flow if half the trucks were suddenly removed from the road. Imagine replacing them with freight trains, moving safely along the rails, making it cheaper to move goods and reducing the carbon footprint of all that freight.

The Cross Harbor Freight Tunnel would help us accomplish just that. At present, the only place a freight train can cross the Hudson River and pass into New England is near Albany, NY. But a Cross Harbor Freight Tunnel through New York Harbor would help us move goods more cost-effectively and reduce highway congestion.

Jim has joined other Members of Congress, mostly from the Northeast, to push for this tunnel to be built. It’s a bold vision he embraces, as it will benefit the people of our district immeasurably.

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