Thank you

Thank you, and deep gratitude, to every voter who again put their confidence in me to send me to be your representative in Washington. I am humbled by the substantial support and I commit to representing ALL of my constituents. 

Thank you also to the many volunteers who made calls, sent texts and canvassed voters to ensure my re-election. I am deeply grateful to all of you.  

As we await the full election results, we must be patient. Every single vote must be accurately and fairly counted. No one has won the Presidential election yet, but as the votes are being counted they are trending in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’ favor. As I’m writing this, Joe Biden is leading in Michigan, Wisconsin and Nevada. Pennsylvania and North Carolina are very close. Patience will be key throughout today, and possibly for another couple of days. 

This is a historic election with historic turnout. Biden will garner more votes than any Presidential candidate in history. 

In Connecticut, we had record turnout. In my district, over 80% of registered voters made their voices heard. We flipped several Republican seats in the state legislature with candidates I have come to know and respect. 

I am excited to start fulfilling the promises Joe Biden made to the American people. I’m also committed to the project of restitching the torn fabric of our civic life and restoring decency and civility among our fellow Americans. I’m conscious that there were people who went to the polls to vote against me and every Democrat up and down the ballot. I represent them too, and will work to understand their perspective.  

Our fight is far from over. I look forward to continuing my work in Washington on behalf of all of my constituents to fix our economy, expand access to affordable health care, address the climate crisis and fight for a more equitable future for every American.

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