Thanks to you

Thanks to our amazing team, we won.

I’m grateful for the tens of thousands of Connecticut voters who put their trust in me to continue fighting for them in Congress. I’m humbled by your support.

Yesterday the American public spoke clearly around the country and didn’t send a mandate to either side of the aisle. While we will be divided in government, we are united in the rejection of MAGA extremism in Connecticut and across the country.

I’ll keep fighting to find independent, bipartisan solutions to the issues we face that make a positive impact in our communities. Serving CT-04 isn’t about blind partisanship – it’s about supporting policy that uplifts everyone.

We also saw high voter turnout in Connecticut! I’m glad that so many people made their voices heard in this consequential midterm election.

Our fight is far from over. I’ll still be working to fix our economy, uplift Connecticut families, and lower healthcare costs – after all, the issues that impact our lives don’t just go away after Election Day.

I’m glad that you were on my side in this fight – serving the people of CT-04 is the greatest honor of my life.

– Jim

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