The economic gap has widened, it’s time to act.

Economic disparities in our country are wider than ever. Covid made this brutally plain. Over the last 15 months, America’s wealthiest families worked from home, grew their wealth and accessed premier health care. Other Americans lost their jobs and struggled to pay rent and buy food. Our economy is recovering, but not for all.

Yesterday, I was honored to be appointed Chairman of the new Select Committee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in Growth. 

On this bipartisan committee, Democratic and Republican representatives in every corner of America will work together to solve one of the toughest challenges we face. We will hear from every community about the challenges they’re facing. I’ll also uplift voices from my own district in Connecticut, where just minutes separate some of the wealthiest and most impoverished communities in this nation.

This shouldn’t be a partisan battleground. While we will disagree over some remedies, wealth gaps are as deep or deeper in red Appalachia as they are in blue New England. Expanding inequality and the loss of fairness damages our economy, threatens our democracy and offends our moral sensibilities. 

This committee will drill down on how to make our economy work for everyone and ensure that no one is left behind in today’s 21st century economy.

Time to get to work.

– Jim

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