The next phase in the impeachment inquiry

This week begins the next phase of uncovering the full extent of President Donald Trump’s abuse of power when he extorted a new and vulnerable Ukrainian president.

The American public deserves the truth. And this week, you will hear from senior people within the Trump administration who have direct knowledge of Trump’s efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate his political opponents for personal gain.

Ahead of this week’s open hearings on Wednesday and Friday with Ambassador William Taylor, Deputy Assistant Secretary George Kent and former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, I encourage you to read the released transcripts from the House Intelligence Committee. You can read top findings from the transcripts here. The open hearing on Wednesday begins at 10 a.m. and on Friday begins at 9 a.m. and you catch watch on major television networks or live streams on social media.

As you watch these public servants testify in front of my committee, remember these patriots are demonstrating courage and honor as they come forward to speak the truth about what happened. This is in service to our country and our future.

On Sunday, I was on Meet the Press with Chuck Todd pointing out that Donald Trump extorting a foreign government for personal political gain is not the same thing as carrying out foreign policy of the United States.

Watch the full segment here.

We must reject false equivalencies and place our country over party loyalties and partisan narratives as we move forward.

I hope you’ll watch the open hearings this week and remember that no one is above the law.

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