We have Pride

Every June, we come together to celebrate Pride Month and honor our victories: from marriage equality to better workplace protections to overturning “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” and then we recommit to continuing the fight for equal rights.

Today’s landmark Supreme Court ruling, written by Neil Gorsuch, was an incredible victory for our LGBT community. Federal discrimination laws now protect LGBT employees, meaning you cannot be fired for being gay or transgender.

This is one more step toward achieving full equality.

As we continue celebrating Pride Month and our victories, we also remember that Pride began with the Stonewall protests and riots led by Marsha Johnson, Stormé DeLarverie, Sylvia Rivera and countless others from all communities who stood up and fought for equality and fought against discrimination and injustice. Over time, pride has become a celebration. One that we will continue this year, even if we cannot physically be together. Pride itself is not canceled.

We must continue to remain more vigilant and vocal than ever in protecting and advancing LGBTQ rights to ensure we move forward, not backward. Now is the time to take action and speak up to support our LGBTQ community and activate as allies.

Our diversity is our strength. Let’s stand together, or six feet apart, with pride.

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