We know better

The Supreme Court is on the cusp of dismantling basic rights that have been upheld for two generations. As a result of this pending decision 36 million women across 28 states could lose access to essential healthcare services overnight.

That is not right. And to say we are disappointed, angry, and outraged…well, that just doesn’t cut it.

We don’t take rights away in this country. We don’t strip away privacy, and we don’t ban a person’s ability to make informed healthcare decisions because we disagree with it.

We know better and we know that those who chip away at constitutional and inherent freedoms and liberties are not guided by American principles, they are guided by personal ones. That is not right.

We also know that we’ve got to fight against those who would dismantle our rights because there is too much on the line to leave to chance, whether it’s the right to vote, to control our own bodies, or to marry who we love.

Now more than ever, it’s time to take meaningful action:

If you’re not registered to vote, now is the time.

If you want to get involved with your local Democratic Party, get connected here.

If you want to support abortion funds and help protect Roe v Wade across the country, consider donating to one or more of the organizations featured by The CutRolling StoneShondaland, or others that help provide access to critical healthcare services and resources to those seeking safe abortion care.

Keep fighting and make your voices, and your vote heard.

We’re not going back.

—    Jim

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